Dh500 fine for Pedestrian crossing violation

Abu Dhabi Police will also impose six black points on motorists who do not give way

Gulf News: Police in the UAE are educating road users on one of the basic principles in the traffic rule book – how and when to use a zebra crossing.

Abu Dhabi Police have warned drivers to play their part in protecting the lives of pedestrians, and to allow them to safely walk through designated areas when crossing the road.

According to the UAE traffic law, motorists face a Dh500 fine and six black points if they do not give way to pedestrians in designated areas such as zebra crossings. Yet many continue to flaunt the rules despite the stringent rules in place.

But the traffic advice is not just limited to drivers.

Residents were also urged not to run recklessly across roads, and to use the underpasses and pedestrian bridges that can be found at various parts of the city, in addition to the zebra crossings equipped with traffic signals that clearly indicate when it is safe to cross the road.

Pedestrians crossing zebra lines in Abu Dhabi

Pedestrians will also be susceptible to a Dh400 fine for jaywalking – a common offence in the UAE. In 2017, Abu Dhabi Police fined at least 50,000 jaywalkers were fined.

According to recent statistics issued by Sharjah Police for 2018, 30 deaths were caused by pedestrians being run over by vehicles, while Abu Dhabi reported 63 deaths in 2017.

“Motorists should slow down near pedestrian crossings and internal roads in neighborhoods, and always give pedestrians the right of way at intersections,” said Abu Dhabi Police.

How to use a zebra crossing

For motorists

  • The yield signs at zebra crossings indicate, that pedestrians have right of way. Obey it.
  • Slow down or stop to make sure pedestrians can cross safely.
  • If there is traffic behind you, use your hazard lights for warning.
  • If there are two or more lanes, and another car already stopped for pedestrians, you must stop.
  • If you approach a zebra crossing and you see pedestrians on the street already crossing, stop.
  • Be very careful, mindful and polite when you approach zebra crossings.
  • Once you step out of your car, you are also a pedestrian and you also desire that drivers watch out for you.

For pedestrians

  • Don’t be distracted when using a zebra crossing, and do not use your phone.
  • Establish eye contact with approaching motorists.
  • Be mindful, you are the weakest traffic participant.
  • Take no risks and don’t force your way, even if motorists have a yield-sign.
  • Never cross a red light.

Source: Road Safety UAE