Keeping your skin healthy and glowing in winter can be a challenge as skin is affected by a number of external variables such as sunlight and pollution. However, with a series of new cosmetic procedures, as well as several lotions and decoctions that give you salon treatments at home, getting clearer skin on a budget is no longer impossible. Here are 7 beauty treatments for glowing skin.

LED Light Therapy

Finding the hidden key for clear skin can be challenging, but with LED light therapy, you can begin to fight bacteria and encourage clear skin with ease. Through the use of red, blue, Amber and Infrared Light the skin is then treated to remove harmful bacteria and leave the skin free from breakouts. Though this may take repeated uses to completely clear the skin, this will work in the long term to provide clear skin from within. 

Skin Peels 

In addition to LED light therapy, there are other treatments such as skin peels that can clean the skin and unclog pores helping to leave the skin glowing. Whether you are opting for a salicylic acid peel to fight against acne or you are looking for one to remove the signs of discolouration, a skin peel can leave the skin glowing from within due to the deep exfoliation that you are given as a result. 

The HydraFacial 

In addition to a skin peel, there is the option for the latest in facial technology using water. The HydraFacial uses vortex technology to exfoliate the surface level of the skin whilst lifting dirt from the pores and applying a specially made serum. This then seeps into the skin helping to prevent dirt from re-entering the pores and helps to keep the skin smooth. Though it may take more than one treatment to completely remove dirt from pores and prevent breakouts, this will keep the skin cleaned for prolonged periods as a result. 


If you are looking for something a bit more invasive with almost immediate results, then micro-needling is for you. With small holes made in the skin, the tissue then begins to repair itself. This can leave you with glowing skin as the overall look as well as elasticity is improved. Though this is one of the more invasive procedures when compared to facials and skin peels, the results speak for themselves. 

PRP Therapy 

Another therapy that has outstanding results for glowing skin is PRP therapy. This uses your blood and small tiny incisions in the face to stimulate the skin and keep it looking radiant. Though this can take a few days to heal and can be an uncomfortable experience within the first couple of days, this will leave your skin gleaming with shrunken zits as a result. 

Radiofrequency Facial 

This is yet another secret to glowing skin that many are unaware of as this is most commonly conducted by a trained medical professional. By using radiofrequency on the skin, you can stimulate the production of collagen leading to the elasticity of the skin being improved. This is great for many as it takes just 30 minutes allowing you to return to work with no downtime as a result. 

The Laser Facial 

The final way that you can achieve glowing skin is through the use of a laser facial. With short sharp bursts, this facial can even the skin tone and help to stimulate the collagen in a safe way without causing any damage to the surface of the skin. The laser then penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin helping to stimulate collagen in deep layers providing glowing skin inside and out. 

Whether you are looking to rejuvenate the skin in the new year or you are looking to try something new to give you the perfect summer glow all year round, there are a number of elements for you to choose from. 

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