Cultural diplomacy builds bridges of understanding between nations: Omar Ghobash

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Omar Saif Ghobash, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Cultural Affairs, has stressed that cultural diplomacy builds bridges of understanding between nations, for increased cooperation.

In his article entitled “Cultural Diplomacy – The Next Fifty”, Ghobash said, “Looking back across a half-century of achievement, we see the impact international partnerships in the field of culture have had on global interest in the UAE.

“An appreciation has grown around the world for our nation’s future-facing agenda and foundational values as a result of such initiatives as Expo 2020 Dubai, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Abraham Accords and the UAE Papal visit, amongst many others.

“Recently the UAE ranked 11th on the nation brand index, surpassing the US, the UK, Japan and France as a result of our successful handling of Covid-19 and pioneering achievements in science and education such as the successful Emirates Mars Mission,” he said.

“Today we are busily expanding our networks in the private, public and academic sectors at newly invigorated rates.

“We are fostering discovery and innovation. We are cultivating entrepreneurship and investment.

“We are also setting an example on the world stage of what a safe, tolerant and inclusive society, defined by smart solutions and opportunity looks like,” he noted.

“In the next fifty years, the UAE will distinguish itself as a trailblazing nation in crucial sectors such as sustainable energy development, science and technology innovation and international aid and development.

“We will see cultural diplomacy harnessed in the service of expanding relationships established through mutual respect and friendship over the last first fifty years.

“We will see cultural diplomacy engaged to support important participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the development of a robust knowledge economy, he went on to say.

He concluded by saying, “Most importantly, I believe that the same open-mindedness, agility, focus and tolerance which have led us so far, will continue to define how we encounter the unexpected, seize the opportunity and connect with the world, for the next fifty years and beyond.”

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