Generic drugs cheaper than branded by 60%

the Mediclinic pharmacy on Airport Road , Abu Dhabi- Photo Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News

Some generic medicines that will be sold by Abu Dhabi pharmacies under a new mandatory requirement from September 1 will be cheaper than their branded counterparts by more than 60 per cent.

According to the new ruling by the Department of Health, all insured patients with prescriptions from doctors can expect pharmacies in the capital to offer generic medicines, which are the approved equivalents of the original brand and have the same efficacy and safety. But they can choose between the generic and branded versions and will only have to pay the difference between the Ministry of Health’s reference price and the cost of the medicines.

The price depends on many factors. As Jose Sreedharan (right), general manager, operations, at Aster Pharmacy, said, “The price can vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. It also depends on the molecule as some molecules are inherently expensive to manufacture based on their complexity.”

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