Check out vintage Abu Dhabi Police cars at Al Ain festival

The Abu Dhabi Police is showcasing three of its old vehicles including a Land Rover patrol that was being used in 1979, its first sports car of Porsche type as well as a Range Rover, which were used during the same period at the handicrafts festival in Al Ain.

The traditional handicrafts festival, which runs at Al Ain’s Souq Al Qattara until November 13, showcases the invaluable cultural heritage of Abu Dhabi, the handicrafts and practices which have been passed down through the generations.

Officers also introduced to the festival visitors the ancient heritage of Abu Dhabi Police and their efforts to preserve the force’s historical heritage through the various stages of development that has been witnessed by the police and security march since its establishment in 1957 until today, which has made Abu Dhabi one of the safest cities in the world.

The Al Ain Tourist Police Branch reviewed its efforts in providing a safe and sustainable tourist environment, preserving tourism facilities and the country’s cultural and historical heritage and providing distinguished services to visitors, residents and tourists through maintaining their security and safety, and encouraging them to enjoy the UAE’s civilized and touristic environment.

The force also carried out awareness activities for tourists on the importance of adhering to the laws and respecting the customs and traditions of the UAE. Visitors were also educated about the tourist places, safety instructions while at beaches, how to navigate by taxi and conditions for driving vehicles, and ways to call emergency numbers to request assistance when needed.

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