Cisco unveils Webex Hologram, an augmented reality meeting solution

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At WebexOne, Cisco unveiled Webex Hologram, a real-time meeting solution that uses augmented reality headsets to combine its meeting functionality with realistic 3D holograms.

With 64 per cent of employees agreeing that the ability to work remotely directly affects whether they stay or leave a job, organisations will increasingly offer flexible work arrangements. Yet this poses a challenge for teams that require hands-on collaboration, such as design or training with a physical object. With Webex Hologram’s holographic capabilities, participants can now interact in ways previously possible only in-person.

The Covid-19 pandemic safety procedures have also increased the need for businesses to provide immersive virtual meetings. In the healthcare business, for example, when a new surgical device is released, physicians, technicians, sales, and support staff must be trained quickly. This training may be done remotely using Webex Hologram, saving time and money while allowing to see the surgical device from every aspect and at its true size as if a physician were in the room.

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The Webex Hologram enables a feeling of co-presence by delivering photorealistic, real-time holograms of actual people. The presenter can also share both physical content and digital content that allows users to co-create and collaborate. Take an auto manufacturer, for instance. Participants can interact with a physical prototype of a vehicle that’s shared in the AR experience to examine and provide feedback on the vehicle’s engine and undercarriage. Design renderings of the car and other digital content can also be shared during the immersive experience.

Webex Hologram is compatible with AR headsets, such as Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens.

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