One Thousand Origami Art Brings Hope from Japan to Abu Dhabi

Wishing peace and happiness to the local community:

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Designed to bring good luck to the people of Abu Dhabi and thank the health workers who help the city through the pandemic, 80 students joined together to create the mesmerising, uplifting and powerful ancient Japanese art form

This winter, visitors to Nation Towers Mall are invited to admire a piece of spectacular Japanese artwork. As the city emerges from the pandemic and the difficulties of the past year, 80 compassionate students from the Japanese School Abu Dhabi have crafted 1000 origami cranes as a way of uplifting the local community and bringing good fortune to the city. Indeed, the ancient art of Senba Zuru, or One Thousand Origami Cranes, is said to be extremely powerful, with the crane hailed as a treasured creature that has the power to bring happiness and peace.

Founded in 2009 as part of an educational initiative launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayde Al Nahyan, the Japanese Kindergarten and School of Abu Dhabi is unique in that it is the only overseas Japanese educational institute that accepts students who are not of Japanese descent. Open to Emirati and Japanese children, the One Thousand Origami Cranes project symbolises the partnership, support and collaboration shared between the UAE and Japan. Indeed, the display has also been created to commemorate the 50th UAE National Day, coming up on Thursday, December 2. All the delicate cranes have been intricately folded out of red, green, white or black paper in honour of the UAE national flag.

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Showing impressive emotional maturity and a deep social conscience, the students hope to use this beautiful project as a way of thanking the health workers who help the city through the pandemic, and as a tribute to the families who have suffered due to COVID-19. Upon viewing the heartfelt display, families and friends are invited to pause for a moment, reflect on the past few years and consider what they wish to achieve in the future.

Principal of the Japanese school in Abu Dhabi, Mr. Yukio Miyazaki, said: “Through this stunning exhibition, we hope to empower our students and show them how their art can have a positive impact on the local community. The origami crane is said to have magical powers, and there’s something about its shape and seeing so many together that brings an instant sense of calm and joy.

“One Thousand Origami Cranes signifies that Abu Dhabi is flying away from the troubles of the past years and entering a new and peaceful start. This ancient craft has become quite a movement across the US, Europe and Japan in recent years, and now we want to bring its healing powers to the UAE. I’d like to thank all the young people, teachers and parents who contributed to bringing this idea to life, and to encourage everyone who comes to see it to take a photo and share its wonder with their family and friends.”

Visitors can experience the One Thousand Origami Cranes installation on Level 2 of Nation Towers Mall from October 26 to December 4 between 8am and 12pm.

For more information about Japanese School Abu Dhabi please visit, or for Nation Towers Mall, please see:

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