Consumer Protection in Abu Dhabi

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The Consumer Protection Section of the Commercial Protection Department at ADDED receives complaints from consumers and dealers regarding any abuses by commercial establishments licensed by ADDED.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, through the Consumer Protection Section, works to ensure that economic establishments, in conducting their business, are following the laws and legislations regulating the business sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in a manner that provides a safe and encouraging economic environment for consumers and merchants and enhances their confidence in the ease of doing business in the Emirate.

It also provides inquiry services about any other services that would support the interests of consumers and preserve their rights contained in Federal Law No. (15) of 2020 regarding consumer protection, in addition to educating consumers and investors and raising their awareness about their rights and duties in connection to consumer protection.


  1. Popularisation of Arabic
  2. Popularisation of facilities cards and reduced rates
  3. Compliance with published prices and billing
  4. Consumer Protection Guide
  5. Consumer Protection Logo Guideline
  6. Consumer Protection Logo
  7. Circular No. 10/2021 Circular on Sports Clubs and their Related Services
  8. Circular No. 11/2021 Circular on offices Licensed with printing and other related services

The Consumer Protection Section provides digital channels at the service of consumers, and owners of shopping centres sales outlets. The “Price Monitor” feature on the ADDED website allows consumers to check the prices of desired products at different locations, before heading to the store to purchase the desired item.


  1. Abu Dhabi Government Contact Center at 800555
  2. Email:
  3. Personal visit to the Tamm centers
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