New bridge to link Bani Yas East and West

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality is constructing bridge project linking Bani Yas East and Bani Yas West, located in the East 5 and East 8 basins and the West Baniyas area on Abu Dhabi Al Ain E22, at a financial cost of AED 225,411,090.

The project includes the construction of the upper intersection linking east and west of Bani Yas and associated roads, the transformation of the current East Bani Yas roundabout into a light signal intersection, as well as the construction of pedestrian ramps, the demolition of existing pedestrian tunnels, the transport and protection of water and communication lines, irrigation lines and the sewage line, as well as street lighting and the electricity distribution network.

The project also includes the construction of the main bridge consisting of concrete slab and external and internal pillars, the construction of two bridges consisting of a single sea slab, pillars and foundations, as well as the construction of a CCTV system, traffic lights, pedestrian signs, fibre optic cables and connectivity to the traffic management centre, as well as the implementation of natural cosmetics, sanitation and speed camera transmissions.

Abu Dhabi City Municipality emphasizes its keenness to observe the conditions of environmental sustainability, in accordance with the highest standards and the highest international standards, by applying best practices to conserve natural resources, protect the environment and reduce energy consumption, ensure that quality processes are monitored during the implementation of the project, as well as achieve the aspirations of members of the community towards finding safe roads with global safety standards.

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