The NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery presents its summer public program

  • In An Oral History of the Internet, artists, authors and critics share their experience of the early internet in a series of video conversations, and a public discussion.
  • The series of public programs Navigating Digital Identities concludes with two conversations featuring artist Cao Fei in conversation with NYUAD faculty member Hoda AlKhzaimi, as well as artist Zach Blas together with UCLA faculty member Safiya Noble.
  • The program runs in conjunction with The Art Gallery’s ongoing virtual exhibition not in, of, along, or relating to a line.

Abu Dhabi, June 9, 2021: The NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) Art Gallery has announced its summer public program, featuring thought-provoking conversations on the history of the internet, and the possibilities and barriers of Virtual Reality (VR) for humanity.

An Oral History of the Internet is a series of video conversations with world-renowned artists, academics, and field experts – including Douglas Rushkoff, Ruth Catlow, Bruce Sterling, Jasmina Tešanovic, Mendi and Keith Obadike, Ricardo Dominguez and Geert Lovink – who share their experience of the internet’s early days and its subsequent evolution. This series of 12 talks is initiated and hosted by NYUAD Visiting Assistant Professor of Interactive Media and artist, Heather Dewey-Hagborg and NYUAD Assistant Professor of Practice of Interactive Media, Joerg Blumtritt.

A public conversation on Sunday, June 20, co-sponsored by the NYUAD Institute, brings together interviewees of the series to discuss ideas around the early promise of a utopian new age through digital culture. From those heady days, around 40 years ago, they will trace an arc to the present where billions of people are connected to cyberspace via their mobile phones, asking what lies beyond our current disillusionment, the culture of vanity and harassment, surveillance capitalism, cultural dominance, and precarious labor.

From Wednesday, June 9, the pre-recorded interviews will become available on The Art Gallery’s YouTube channel on a weekly basis.

The summer program continues with two final conversations with artists from the not in, of, along, or relating to a line exhibition’s Navigating Digital Identities program series. On Thursday, June 24, Representing Humanity in Virtual Reality features artist Cao Fei, who joins NYUAD faculty member and Director of the Center of Cyber Security at NYUAD, Hoda AlKhzaimi, to explore the opportunities and limitations of VR as a tool to represent humanity. Both speakers discuss their relationship to the technology based on their respective backgrounds and seek to answer questions around empathy and human experience in their given contexts.

The following week, on Wednesday, June 30, Bias and Inequity in the Digital Space will feature a conversation with Associate Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Co-Founder and Co-Director of the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry (C2i2), Safiya Noble, and artist Zach Blas. The discussion will focus on algorithmic biases and the resulting inequities in diverse and inclusive digital identities. Both speakers will also touch on imbalances around financial and class statuses in the arts, based on their personal perspectives.

This program is organized with support from NYU Abu Dhabi’s Office of Inclusion and Equity, and accompanies the virtual exhibition not in, of, along, or relating to a line.

Both programs, which are open to the public, grow out of The Art Gallery’s ongoing virtual exhibition not in, of, along, or relating to a line. Co-curated by Chief Curator at NYU Abu Dhabi and Executive Director of The NYUAD Art Gallery Maya Allison, and NYUAD faculty member and artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg, not in, of, along, or relating to a line runs until July 10 and is hosted on a specially designed web platform that is best viewed on a mobile device. Learn more about the exhibition here.

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Conversation Title: An Oral History of the Internet

Date & Time: Sunday, June 20, 8 pm GMT+4

Admission: Free

Zoom meeting, register here:

Speakers: Bruce Sterling and Jasmina TešanovicDouglas RushkoffRicardo DominguezGeert Lovink, and Jane Metcalfe

Program Title: Navigating Digital Identities

Conversation Title: Representing Humanity in Virtual Reality

Date & Time: Thursday, June 24, 4pm GMT+4

Admission: Free

Zoom meeting, register here:

Speakers: Cao Fei and Hoda AlKhzaimi

Program Title: Navigating Digital Identities

Conversation Title: Bias and Inequity in the Digital Space

Date & Time: June 30, 8pm GMT+4

Admission: Free

Zoom meeting, register here:

Speakers: Zach Blas and Safiya Noble

Exhibition Titlenot in, of, along, or relating to a line

Exhibition Dates: Until July 10, 2021

Admission: Free

Link to page:

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