From June 6, only vaccinated with negative PCR can attend events

Dr. Farida Al Hosani, Official Spokesperson of the UAE Health Sector, announced that only people who have received the COVID-19 vaccine and participants in clinical experiments, will be able to attend events and activities held in the country, provided they present a negative result of a PCR test taken within 48 hours, with an E letter showing in their respective Al Hosn applications.

During the UAE Government media briefing on the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Al Hosani stated that all precautionary measures must be followed during these events, most notably wearing face masks and social distancing guidelines, adding that these procedures will be enforced on 6th June, 2021.

The proactive services provided by the country include COVID-19 vaccinations and facilitating access to vaccines, she said, noting that the vaccine is available across all parts of the UAE, with mobile clinics that provide healthcare services to people living in remote areas.

Dr. Al Hosani said, “Today, we see the fruit of our efforts as we proudly announce the UAE becoming world’s leading country in terms of the distribution rate of the COVID-19 vaccine doses for every 100 persons, which highlights the success of the national vaccination campaign.”

The campaign is continuing to achieve its objectives, with the vaccination of over 78.11 percent of people aged over 16, and 84.59 percent of people aged over 60, she added.

The UAE has administered over 12 million doses of the vaccine, at a rate of 124.31 doses for per 100 persons, while the number of COVID-19 tests performed has exceeded 49 million, Al Hosany continued.

She explained that the country’s proactive strategy aims to ensure maximum protection for the community, including the prioritisation of offering elderly people and those with chronic diseases an additional dose of the vaccine, noting that it is administered after the main doses to reinforce immunity.

Dr. Al Hosani also elaborated that taking an additional vaccine dose a few months after the main doses will boost immunity against coronavirus variants, noting that the country offers several types of effective COVID-19 vaccines.

She pointed out that the surge in numbers of vaccinated people will eventually help achieve acquired immunity and, in turn, curb the spread of the virus, urging all eligible members of the community to take the vaccine,.

She also encouraged people to get tested if they exhibit any symptoms, and the need to get retested if their symptoms persist despite testing negative, due to the detection of several COVID-19 variants around the world.

Since the start of the pandemic, relevant national authorities have done all they can to ensure the health and safety of the community, she affirmed, noting that community members and public, private and community entities played a key role in ensuring the success of the national efforts, through adhering to relevant preventive guidelines.

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