Public Prosecution Explains Punishment for Kidnapping, Violation of Freedom

The UAE Public Prosecution has explained, through a video on its social media platforms, the crimes of kidnapping people and the violation of freedom.

According to Article 344 of the Federal Penal Code, the Public Prosecution noted that whoever illegally kidnaps, arrests, detains or deprives anyone of freedom by any means, shall be sentenced to temporary imprisonment, whether by himself or through the intermediary of others.

The Article stated that life imprisonment penalty shall be imposed for the following cases: 1. If the act takes place by impersonating a public character, claiming to perform/assigning a public service, or to contact under a false representation.

2. If the act is performed using deception or accompanied by the use of force, threat of killing, serious harm, or acts of physical or psychological torture.

3. If the act was committed by two or more persons or by an armed person.

4. If the period of kidnapping, arresting, detaining, or depriving of freedom exceeds one month.

5. If the victim is a female, juvenile, insane or imbecile.

6. If the purpose of the act was to gain profit, take revenge, rape the victim, disgrace him/her, cause harm, or compel him/her to commit a crime.

7. If the act is committed against a public official while performing his/her job or because of that.

8. If the act results in the death of the victim, the penalty shall be the death sentence or life imprisonment. Whoever mediates in the commission of any of the crimes referred to in this article shall be punished by the penalty prescribed for the original perpetrator, as well as to whoever conceals a kidnapped person with his knowledge of that.

The publication of these legal tweets comes within the framework of the country’s keenness to promote legal culture among all members of society.