Aqdar Adventures Continues to Plant Mangroves

The Initiative will continue to plant 50,000 mangrove trees throughout the country this year, as a part of its activities.

These activities take place in partnership with the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi and the Jubail Island Investment Company, and they are sponsored by Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.

The initiative aims to preserve the wildlife in the next 50 years, as part of the country’s efforts to reduce the repercussions of climate change and maintain a sustainable future for current and future generations.

The young men and women participants attend the activities which are held in Jubail Island and organised by Aqdar and other partners. The participants take part in various educational and entertainment events that are available for them on the sidelines of the main event of planting trees.

Under the initiative, mangrove trees are planted to take advantage of their true value which represents an important aspect of the authentic, rich Emirati heritage and beauty.

The content, importance and benefits of the initiative are explained through a special lecture, after which the participants are offered a tour of Jubail among the trees in the reserve on a “kayak”. At the end of this tour, the participants plant mangroves on the island and get further knowledge about the ecosystem of mangroves.

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