Best Cleaning Tips to Follow In The UAE

UAE is a tropical land. The heat and the dust outside may affect your property. Here, we show you the best cleaning tips to follow while living in the UAE.

#1 Organize a cleaning schedule

An excellent initial organization can lighten your mind. By establishing a schedule (possibly in writing), you are sure to carry out the cleaning regularly, without finding yourself overwhelmed by events. 

It is an excellent approach and the best way to turn this constraint into a habit without even realizing it. 

According to Sally Iqbal, operations manager of CleaningCompany, the critical keys in cleaning house are:

  • Make sure to tidy up every evening before going to bed: in the morning, when you wake up, you are happy to find your house in order. You start the day on the right foot!
  • Plan for a quick cleaning regularly, rather than a complete cleaning now and then. You thus reduce the arduousness of the task, and you save time.
  • Do a big cleaning of your house on the occasion of the change of season.
  • Don’t forget the exteriors! Cleaning the facade and the garden helps improve your home’s aesthetics and promotes your comfort in your family cocoon!

#2 Distribute household chores

Everyone enjoys the house. Everyone should help keep it neat and tidy!

Involve the children: in doing so, you educate them in good manners. You also keep them busy in an activity that they will find fun initially, which will become a great habit over time.

Avoid arguments: distribute tasks in a fair and balanced way, according to the age and schedule.

#3 Have the right products and the right equipment

How to clean your apartment or house quickly? By always having efficient cleaning materials and products available! 

Your cleaning accessories must also be correctly maintained, for always impeccable results. 

Expert tip: 

  • Use the right product for the type of surface. Your house floor cleaner cannot be used for your oven, for example, so be careful when choosing! However, be aware that some cleaners are versatile: white vinegar is an ideal product for this purpose. Take the opportunity to make room in your cupboards, and gain simplicity.
  • Always keep your sponges clean. You don’t have to iron several times in the same place, the best way to save time.
  • Have at least a broom and a mop. If possible, equip yourself with a vacuum cleaner to go faster and a wolf’s head to make it easier to clean ceilings and high exterior surfaces.

#4 Start by tidying up!

It is good to remember this obvious: before cleaning your home, be sure that your house is perfectly tidy. Do not leave any object lying around on the floor, and ensure that the worktops are properly emptied of the superfluous. 

It is frustrating to turn off the vacuum cleaner to pick up your children’s toys. This circumstance does not motivate you to continue cleaning.

#5 Use the best cleaning techniques.

Cleaning is a profession, a good knowledge of basic techniques allows you to go faster and obtain a result that is all the more satisfactory. 

The rule of thumb: start at the top to finish at the bottom. The dust you get rid of the ceilings settles on the floor. It would be a shame to have to start all over again.

#6 Proceed with method and logic

How to properly clean the whole house? Adapt your method according to your area and the configuration of your home. 

Expert tips:

  • Proceed in stages. To avoid going back and forth from the 1st floor to the ground floor, start at the top, then go down the equipment to finish with the bottom.
  • Intelligently group tasks to optimize your efforts. If you need to change the sheets, do all the bedrooms in the house before you start on another task, for example. Likewise, dust all the knick-knacks and shelves one after the other, so you don’t have to change equipment too often.

#7 Consider household cleaning from an ecological perspective

Cleaning your home is an opportunity to contribute to the ecological effort! Use water efficiently, choose your cleaning products carefully, favor the broom over the vacuum cleaner, and more!