SmartCara, Food Recycle Machine

SMARTCARA is the waste disposal system that saves time, energy, and space by reducing food waste into dried powder, allowing for the sanitary, odourless long term storage of food waste.

Do you want to “Go Green” but do not know where to start?

Easy-peasy! Start right in your own home.

Are you tired of smelly garbage, flies, rats and cats always digging in your garbage?

You have a beautiful home but the trash is an unsightly,smelly feature?

There is a solution…

An energy-saving, right-in-your-kitchen device that processes your left-over food, egg shells, vegetable peels, chicken bones , avocado and other fruit pips, all organic left-overs at the end of the day.

It is called Smart Cara.

Light-weight, easy to install and even easier to use.

You fill the machine , activate the sequence and 3 hours later –voila!! Your problem is solved.

It turns organic waste into an odour-free powder / cornflake-like substance that you can even feed to your pets.

This residue can be mixed with garden soil to grow organic fruits and vegetables, feed chickens and reduce your garbage output(saves you municipality fees for garbage removal). An added benefit is the removal of offensive odours from your garbage – quickly and easily.

A brilliant solution to decrease the Carbon Footprint on nature, help save the earth to continue to support us.

Get involved now, use this product and teach your kids in a fun way how to preserve our precious resources.

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