Hudayriat Leisure and Entertainment District

This stunning adventure and lifestyle playground is all set to take Abu Dhabi by storm.

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Hudayriyat island, Abu Dhabi’s vibrant touristic, cultural and sports destination has just got better with the opening of the Hudayriyat Leisure and Entertainment District.

The destination offers a wide range of food and beverage outlets, entertainment and leisure offerings, and facilities for sports activities.

Once the home of pearl divers, Hudayriyat is a unique and distinct community destination, which draws its inspiration from the beautiful surrounding nature, bringing together a wide variety of unique cultural and lifestyle experiences.The new development by Modon includes a range of retail stores, a luxury camping site, biking tracks, an air park with zip line and food & beverage options ranging from luxury restaurants to food carts, to be enjoyed along with the area’s rustic design and seascapes.

Visitors to the area need to make prior bookings here to be able to access these new areas.

  • Bab Al Nojoum Areal
  • Bab Al Nojoum small tents
  • Bab Al Nojoum Luxury tents
  • Bab Al Nojoum Bonfire
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Beach camping

Bab Al Nojoum is one of the recreational facilities in the new development, providing visitors with a unique camping experience, with 150 tents to rent, including fully equipped luxury tents with private pools.

There is a camping area for families, as well as tents in a range of categories, such as deluxe tents, beach tents with views of the water, and camper vans.

In addition, there are bonfire areas, bathrooms, barbecue areas, an outdoor cinema and restaurant.

Bab Al Nojoum’s waterfront includes a beach cinema, wide green areas, juice bars, food outlets, and a kayak centre.

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  • 321 Sports
  • 321 Sports 1 1

321 Sports

321 Sports by Ahdaaf Sports includes a diverse range of amenities, including a FIFA-approved full-size football pitch, a basketball court, a jogging track and six 400m running tracks.

Visitors can also enjoy the various designated indoor facilities for tennis, badminton, and basketball.

The space also features a yoga studio, kids’ nursery, fitness stations, gym, a sports retail store as well as a café with terrace views over Hudayriyat island and Abu Dhabi.

  • 321 Sports 1 1
  • Hudayriyat active

OCR Park

Sponsored by Sabco Sports, OCR Park features a track for adults with eight different obstacles as well as eight fitness stations spread between the obstacles, each varying in difficulty and interchangeable to cater to the type of event.

There is also a course for children with six smaller obstacle challenges, allowing younger guests to take part in the fun.

  • r12
  • Circuit X
  • Skate Park Hudayriat 1

Circuit X

Circuit X by Tamana Adventures is Abu Dhabi’s new outdoor adventure hub, offering thrilling, fun and challenging experiences for all ages.

The one-of-a-kind adventure park offers exciting and adventurous experiences for all ages.

It features four exhilarating parks offering varying degrees of adventurous activities and challenges: BMX Track, Splash Park, High Rope Park and Skate Park. 

  • Hudayriyat Heritage Trail
  • VB 08 11 20 Hudayriyat Island AD 20

Hudayriyat Heritage Trail

The Hudayriyat Heritage Trail along the waterfront offers visitors the opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy the tranquillity of Hudayriyat Island.

Visitors can become acquainted with the historical and cultural significance of the island with educational signs and beautiful artworks along the path.

Winding through trees and white sands, the path offers an insight into the lives of those who dove off the shores of Hudayriyat, searching for pearls.

The boardwalk offers spectacular views of the enchanting landscape of Hudayriyat Island, as visitors travel between Marsana and Bab Al Nojoum.

  • Marsana
  • Marsana Area
  • Skate Park Hudayriat
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Located at the heart of the new development lies Marsana, a vibrant waterfront promenade featuring 17 diverse food and beverage outlets.

In addition to a skate park and a children’s splash park and play area, easy access to the public beach, an outdoor gym, cycle paths, and a marina with a wooden pier and space for over 40 boats.

  • Bike park Areal

Bike Park

Bike Park offers visitors a chance to enjoy cycling on three different trails, each of which are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclists.

Visitors have the opportunity to escape the busy urban life and enjoy some recreational exercise at 300m Floating Track or one of the Bike Park’s three, five or ten km cycle paths, shaded rest areas, cycling paths, and a jogging track.

  • Indoor Courts
  • Hudayriat Courts 1

Hudayriyat Courts

Hudayriyat Courts feature a variety of courts for all sports enthusiasts. Built following international specifications and standards, these courts include 4 beach football fields, 4 synthetic grass football fields, 3 beach volleyball courts, 4 volleyball courts, 4 basketball courts and 4 tennis courts.

  • Over the water cycling track

Cycling Track

Promoting walking, jogging and cycling as the preferred mode of transport is one of Hudayriyat island’s key objectives. To achieve this, all streets include cycle tracks as well as wide and well-shaded footpaths. Visitors can enjoy a stretch 5-10 km of cycling tracks across the Island.

After months of anticipation the wait is finally over and we feel it was definitely worth it. Head on over and be ready to be wowed by all the new stuff to see and do.

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