Why Genuine Happiness Is Found In This New Menu At Waves Bar

Waves bar in Novotel Abu Dhabi Al Bustan is a refreshing escape from the city to wind down and enjoy some tasty bites.

They say “The secret ingredient is always Love” so we decided to venture down to Waves bar and outdoor lounge at Novotel Abu Dhabi Al Bustan to enjoy after a long day at work and we were lucky that we made that choice.

To start off, we were greeted with some great music that helped us instantly get into the mood of things and we were ready to have a good time.

We wasted no time in getting to the dishes and were fortunate enough to be taken care off by two servers who were sweet enough to explain to us in detail what we would be getting for each dish and what the crowd favorites were. The menu that has been recently upgraded really had something for everyone’s taste buds and also let customers order directly from a QR link, although we were glad that we took the team’s advice.

 We decided to go with the Poutine options, the new BAO selection and also the combo of Aromatic Duck, Pulled Beef, Stir-fried veg and Tempura prawns, each with their own sauce pipette to inject your preferred level of flavor. The prawn in particular is not for the faint hearted and the selection, served with a unique take on a basket of fries, would be enough for a modest appetite. The beef really took top billing.

For mains, the grilled salmon is greeted with murmurs of satisfaction and promotes a noticeable reduction in conversation whilst consumed. The lamb chops come a close second, and this writer would opt for a little more time on the grill; through my own fault eating it a little too rare.

The real treat though for me was the Burrata which brought the meal home. Surrounded by a healthy portion of tomato slices, succulent and with enough crunch to support the soft texture of the cheese; the plate we ordered for the table vanished in no time.

With an indoor and outdoor pool setting, Waves bar is the embodiment of the phrase- the best of both worlds. You can dance your worries away, enjoy a hearty meal and then head over to the pool area to sip some mixed drinks. While we didn’t do a lot of dancing after having happily stuffed ourselves, we did try a few mixed drinks that were splendid. They make ordering the beverages fun because not only are the drinks handcrafted but also have unique names that have a special story connected with the drink. You learn something new as you experience something new.

It really was a great night out with good music, food and beverages; one that we wouldn’t mind recreating again, possibly very soon.

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