Giving for Emergency Vehicles Ensures Rapid Response

Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers as part of the Safety Trail campaign to prepare for the emergency, ambulance and police vehicles and to adhere to the correct traffic behaviors when passing by to ensure that they do not delay their access to accident sites by making way for these vehicles and giving priority to them and not obstructing or delaying them.

ADP stressed that the violation of not giving priority and road priority to emergency vehicles, ambulances, police or official processions is worth 3,000 dirhams with the reservation of the vehicle 30 days and 6 traffic points.

ADP stated that making way for emergency, ambulance and police vehicles contributes to preventing delays in their arrival at accident sites to provide ambulance services to the injured, facilitating the work of ambulance crews in a way that contributes to the treatment and ambulance of the injured on time and ensuring that civil defence vehicles arrive at the site of the fire.

ADP called for the need to spread the culture of giving preference to the road based on the importance of respecting and consolidating national values and identity, which give civilized images of the country

ADP appealed to the public to cooperate with the police when incidents occurred not to gather, so that ambulance crews could provide humanitarian services, in order to keep everyone safe.

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