Guggenheim Abu Dhabi unveils ‘Waiting for the Future’

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi has announced a new virtual sessions series this autumn, that will run until 24th November.

‘Waiting for the Future’ offers three events giving audiences new insight into the creative practice of internationally acclaimed artists.

The programme focuses on the work of multidisciplinary artist Mariko Mori, visual artist Y.Z. Kami, and performance artists Selma and Sofiane Ouissi, exploring how these artists employ the “spiritual” in their practice and the ways in which their work conveys notions of oneness and transcendence.

Created as a response to the profound and irrevocable changes in the world, the programme’s virtual sessions aim to provide audiences with an opportunity for human connection and restorative reflection.

“Waiting for the Future is a unique programme that offers moments of reflection, connection and togetherness during a time of change and uncertainty. We encourage audiences to contemplate the ways in which these artists express their ideas about the future through visual art, dance, and film,” said Maisa Al Qassimi, Senior Project Manager of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.

She added, “These sessions are a valuable addition to our public programming offering, which aims to both introduce engaging and poetic art from the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi permanent collection to the public. Anyone with an interest in the arts will certainly enjoy and benefit from what are sure to be inspiring conversations and performances.”

All ‘Waiting for the Future’ sessions are being streamed on the Abu Dhabi Culture YouTube channel.

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