When Three Is Better Than Two. Fanzoj Triple Barrel Shotgun

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JOHANN FANZOJ announced their participation at the World Gunmakers Virtual Event on 23rd September 2020 with a rarity and specialty of ours. What seems a classy double shotgun, in fact turns out to be a “Tribore”, featuring three shotgun barrels in the same gauge. Light, well balanced, with a third shot immediately available, this item is a mechanical & artistic delight with the handling quality of the finest game gun.

JOHANN FANZOJ has took the opportunity to present the following video on our latest triple barrel shotgun – an exquisite “quail gun” in 28gauge. The result of years of fine-tuning to bring handling, balance & aesthetics of this little toy to perfection.

The right attitude also these days, we resume with a wink and a nod, how one can smile thru pouring rain with just a little effort. Please enjoy.

― The ingenious addition of a third barrel to a classy double shotgun ―

Our unique Johann Fanzoj Triple Shotgun features three shotgun barrels in the same caliber. It is light and well balanced, with the handling quality of the finest game gun. The third shot can be fired immediately, offering the ultimate advantage for hunting fowl or small game. Superb craftsmanship paired with the impeccable aesthetics of a classic shotgun.

JOHANN FANZOJ hope that virtual encounters will never be a full substitute for enthused hunters & gun afficionados meeting in person, looking at guns, engaging in conversations about the almost “most pleasurable thing in life”.

JOHANN FANZOJ applaud and absolutely support this initiative, however, as a pro-active step for opening a window of opportunity into a possible future, where new forms of communication ought to be further explored. Unusual times require unusual measures. Best of luck to all of us.

View more: www.fanzoj.com/collection/three-barrelled-masterpieces/triple-shotgun

A brief company introduction




Luxury gunmaking today should be a constant question of pushing the boundaries of the possible, fascinating, enchanting – to demonstrate the value of traditional craftsmanship, the skill of complete three-dimensional thinking where the human mind, eyes and hands work in concert to create complex technical solutions, elegant, flowing shapes, finely sculpted ridges, perfect fits.

Aesthetic concepts where modern industrial mass production is simplyno match for the human touch. 

(Daniela Fanzoj/ Fanzoj catalogue)

Established in 1790 in Ferlach, Austria, the Johann Fanzoj firm looks back on a tradition of fine craftsmanship upheld for eight generations. While holding firm to the rich heritage of traditional skills and old-world knowledge, the current directors Patrick and Daniela Fanzoj are bringing remarkably new visions to this ancient craft and fascinate worldwide by blending classic values and high aesthetics with unprecedented technical sophistication. Each year only a small number of exclusive guns & rifles leave Fanzoj´s workshop, amazing works of technical engineering, objects of beauty and value that give a new perspective to the perception of luxury Sporting Arms.

The model range includes shotguns, rifles – both single and doubles, bolt actions, multi-barrelled combinations. In fact, customers can be offered individual commissions and concepts – designed, engineered and built entirely in our workshop.

Website: www.fanzoj.com | Instagram: johann_fanzoj

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