Neglecting Children Crime Punishable by Law

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The country’s Public Prosecution pointed out that custodians who neglect their children can be punished by the law.

On its social media accounts today, the Public Prosecution stressed that under Articles 35 and 60 of Federal Law No. 03 for 2016 on the children’s rights law, “Wadeema’s Law”, a custodian cannot expose their children to rejection, homelessness or neglect, leave them without supervision or monitoring, refrain from their guidance, not handle their affairs, not enrol them at an educational institution, or neglect their education without due reason.

A custodian is a person legally in charge of raising and taking care of children.

The publication of this legal provision is due to the keenness of the Public Prosecution to promote the legal culture among members of the community and raise their awareness of related laws and legislation.

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