WOAH office announces Animal health plan for Q4 2020

World Organisation for Animal Health

The sub-regional Representation of the World Organisation for Animal Health located in Abu Dhabi announced its action plan for the fourth quarter of 2020.

The plan includes holding coordination meetings, launching awareness programmes related to ways of addressing animal diseases in Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC, countries and Yemen, and organising seminars and lectures on topics that reinforce biosecurity.

Dr. Mohammed Ali Al Hosani, Director of the GCC and Yemen Office, said that the office’s agenda is packed with activities, events and coordination meetings until the end of the year, noting that they have added three coordination meetings for the organisation’s member countries, in addition to seminars and lectures on key topics related to animal health and biosecurity, to exchange expertise between member countries in the region.

The plan also includes hosting the meeting of the Middle East Steering Committee of the Global Framework for the Progressive Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases, which will aim to identify the most common animal diseases in the region, as well as draft plans to eliminate them, he added, explaining that the office will also host a meeting of representatives of Middle Eastern countries on how to reduce the use of antibiotics on animals.

The office cooperates with the Abu Dhabi Agriculture And Food Security Authority, ADAFSA, and other relevant authorities in organizing seminars and lectures, to discuss animal health and bio-security requirements.

The OIE Sub-Regional Representation in Abu Dhabi for the Gulf Cooperation Council and Yemen will facilitate the implementation of OIE International Standards to ensure safe trade in animals and animal products by addressing the challenges faced by the countries of the sub-region.

As part of its activities programme, the OIE office will play an important role in the future implementation of the Better Enforcement of Standards for Safer Trade, BESST, project. This initiative aims to strengthen veterinary public health services in OIE Member Countries of the Horn of Africa and Arabian Peninsula by enhancing and investing in Public-Private Partnerships, PPPs, that improve compliance with OIE international standards and facilitate safe trade in livestock and livestock products.


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