Global practices for the preservation of Rhinos in Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo is working on strategic plans to build an effective programme for the research and conservation of arid land wildlife.

The mission of these programmes is to conduct research and specialised studies in this field, following the best international practices, while looking after endangered species of the desert ecosystem.

As part of its international efforts to build strategic partnerships to conserve wildlife, Al Ain Zoo signed a cooperation agreement with the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in the Republic of Kenya in 2013.

This agreement allows Al Ain Zoo to provide support for field studies and conservation projects in the protected area which observe and study a number of wild animals.

The most important of these is the white rhinoceros, and to signify this importance, Al Ain Zoo has named its latest new born rhino ‘Sudan’ after the sole remaining northern white rhino male died.

This contribution comes within a series of initiatives between the two parties that includes providing support and exchanging experiences in the field of research, monitoring, and providing medical care for animals in their natural habitats.

Al Ain Zoo acquired five southern white rhinoceros in 2008, providing continuous work to deliver husbandry and veterinary care and nutritional requirements, as well as equipping specialised facilities for rhinos in line with the highest international standards. This has resulted in successful natural breeding, doubling the number of rhinos in the zoo over the past ten years.

A total of 10 male and female rhinos are now flourishing within the Zoo.

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