Abu Dhabi DoE launches #SaveAtHome competition

The Department of Energy in Abu Dhabi launched the “#SaveAtHome” competition to encourage all members of the society in Abu Dhabi to share their experience in the rationalising of water and electricity consumption at homes to promote the culture of rationalisation in society and encourage them to contribute to enhancing energy efficiency, sustainability efforts and preserving the environment.

The announcement of the competition came through a post on the department’s account on Instagram, which indicated that the competition would grant winners a voucher worth AED1500.

The competition is a part of “#UseItWisely” campaign that was launched last July to raise the community’s awareness on the importance of preserving water and electricity and promoting energy efficiency principles in homes that promotes the preservation of natural resources and support energy security strategies in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

The Department of Energy aims to involve all members of society in its efforts to promote energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental conservation to develop the energy sector in Abu Dhabi. The “Save at Home” competition is an important step in raising community awareness of the importance of rationalising energy and the benefits to the individual, society and energy in Abu Dhabi.

To participate in the competition, participants should follow the Department of Energy’s account in Abu Dhabi on Instagram (abudhabidoe), and like the post that announced the launch of the competition that was published on Tuesday, 15th September, 2020.

Participants can share their habits and advice by writing a post of no more than 40 words on their personal accounts along with a video or a picture for more explanation. Also, they have to include the two hashtags #SaveAtHome, and #UseiItWisely, and refer the post to six other friends to encourage them to participate, as well as refer the department’s Instagram account @abudhabidoe.

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