Al Ain Zoo protects white Bengal tiger

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Al Ain Zoo has participated in a number of global programmes that aim to protect threatened species, including the white Bengal tiger, which is endangered under the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s classification system. Currently, only about 3,800 of these tigers remain in the wild.

On the occasion of the International Tiger Day, which is marked on 29th July, 2020, Al Ain Zoo is highlighting its global efforts to protect the white Bengal tiger through educating the community about the importance of these tigers and the threats they face. Their number in the wild has reached the point of extinction, an Al Ain Zoo press release said on Wednesday.

The zoo also coordinated with its strategic partners and international organisations to implement breeding programmes that seek to increase population of this species and support research and field conservation programmes.

In this context, the Al Ain Zoo has joined the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, and has since played an important and active role in breeding programmes, information exchange and research.

The zoo received its first Bengal tiger in 1996 and began providing care, running protection programmes, and acting as an ambassador for the tigers.

The Al Ain facility currently has two white male tigers. As all white tigers have disappeared from the wild, many zoos worldwide are seeking to protect and conserve these tigers in captivity.

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