How the Pandemic is bringing out artistic talent among residents

After over ten years spent as a career software engineer, Yosra Fahmi, decided to finally follow her passion and fulfill a lifelong dream of studying fine. Being able to visualize the beauty of her surroundings, using her creativity and imagination and creating stories through color and paint has been a dream come true for Yosra.

A long time Abu Dhabi resident, Yosra  found an incredible environment that empowered her to go far beyond her limits in creating arts. This mesmerizing mix of Abu Dhabi’s beauty and elegance, people’s generosity and their exceptional appreciation of art is the optimum atmosphere for any artist.

Adding to this, the great leadership of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan who is a real role model for the new generations, has been a huge source of inspiration for Yosra.

You can also follow in Yosra’s footsteps and unleash your inner creativity, don’t give up on your dreams and always follow your passion.

Some of her fascinating works are displayed in West Elm and Pottery Barn and more on her social media below.

Yosra rightly feels that art has the power to change the world, so never ignore it! No matter how different we are, art is the language that anyone can understand.