Mercedes GLS450 AMG 2020 Model Review

Feel the true meaning of luxury and comfort with your family and your friends when you drive the all-new Mercedes GLS450 AMG 2020 Model.


This eyes-catching, powerful, amazing car is here in Abu Dhabi for a review of its technical specs and price.


The most amazing thing about this car is that; it suits you as a family-person with your beloved ones, your friends when you gather with them to go out for a big ride, for a manager wants to get to his or her destination in class whether the chauffeur is driving or on-own driving and of-course for whoever drives for long distances daily, as you won’t feel the tiredness of long-distances driving when you go with this vehicle.

At the first looking to this monster, you’ll admire the German design effort exerted to produce such a car.


The 7-seats car comes with a 6 cylinders V6 Inline Turbo-engine, 3.0L in capacity and gives 367 hp. The car goes from 0-100 kph in just 5.9s.


It’s featured with the Dynamic option to enable the driver to choose the suitable mode on the way among various modes such as: Eco, comfortable or Sport. Depends on the way the driver likes and the journey taken. So, it’s not just a family SUV car, it’s also a sharp-performance car gives you the power on the road.


And, if the above mentioned specs about the engine seem normal to you, then here it comes the big news:

The EQ Boost Technology!

The EQ Boost is an integrated starter generator and a 48-volt onboard electrical system. The electric motor helps aid the combustion engine with acceleration, and the generator recuperates energy that can be supplied back into a battery. Furthermore, the EQ Boost eliminates the need for a belt drive, which saves space and makes the engine more compact. The electric system can also service features such as the air conditioning compressor and the water pump.

Biggest wheels in Mercedes Cars:

The car comes in 23 inches wheels which are the biggest wheels in all Mercedes cars.


Nice rims, with wonderful alloys-finishing giving more class and class on the road.

If you’re now saying that it’s done and nothing more is new, you’re wrong my friend. Just find out herein more:

Remote Start Engine:

Imagine that, within a few minutes, you can create an account and link it to your car to smartly and remotely controls it with just your smart phone.

This feature will allow you to start your vehicle from anywhere and if climate controls were on, they will automatically cool to your last setting. That means that your Mercedes-Benz will be at your ideal temperature before you even step foot outside. This is great for avoiding getting into an uncomfortably hot car, specially nowadays! You,of-course, know what I mean.

And if you wanna go for the traditional way in opening the doors, just use that amazing looking key:


The Interior:

Don’t doubt about the interior looking of the car as Mercedes has never disappointed a customer in that. The car’s system allows you to adjust your seat based on your height. You’ll enter your height to the system and the car will totally adjust your seat to make you feel comfortable.


The ambient control is totally cheerful and makes you feel like you’re in your home


The wide-screen cockpit view is Mercedes new feature exceeding all its competitors in the market.


The sunroof of this pretty car is increased by 50% compared to the last model, giving you the feeling that your’e driving a cabriolet-SUV car!



In addition, we’re not done yet. Let’s list some wow-features:

The Augmented Reality:

You won’t worry anymore wherever you’re driving. No matter what are the road works, exits changes or even new roads constructed. This feature is a synchronization to the actual routes updated on the system. It will adjust your GPS to be a new-correct one.

The E-Active Body Control Package:

Thinking of off-road or going through an unmaintained road could put some headache in your mind to adjust the car hydraulic system and tires, but with that additional package feature, it will be automatically managed when it’s installed in your car. The car will automatically adjust its hydraulic system to adapt with the road or even the sands, wait..WHAT? yes as you read’s correct. That’s Mercedes folks!

Not only that even, the car is equipped with:

  • Auto-parking
  • Parking -Assistance
  • Multi-beam; which is the highest light range of all Mercedes cars for up to 650 meters ahead
  • Lane change assistance
  • 360 Degrees camera for parking

And literally much more in this car.

The EMC-Emirates Motor Company in Abu Dhabi Road Branch has announced that the price of the car starts from: 399,000 AED and can go for monthly installments of 4,399 AED including a 150,000 km/or 5 years warranty + 60,0000 km/or 4 years service contract.

It’s completely worth-it or may be when you compare all the above with the price listed for this bargain.

If you wanna check-out our drive-test cruising Abu Dhabi streets, to know more about the car check out the video:

Mercedes GLS450 AMG 2020 Review in UAE

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