The Khalifa Foundation for Humanitarian Relief 17 remote villages in Socotra

The Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation for Humanitarian Works has transferred relief convoys loaded with various aid and food items to 17 remote villages in the Qara’a region southwest of the Socotra Archipelago, as part of the humanitarian efforts it is exerting to alleviate the suffering of needy and poor families in difficult living conditions.

Sources said that the relief teams affiliated with the Foundation have directed the food convoys to the villages of (Jinnouti, Salih, Rahan, Kuddahin, Lecturer, Kattana, Dadaeh, for my daughters, Alali, Khashabab, Mahabhar, Ma’aher, Bayh, Daashbak, Ajman, Amaleh, Hazahz).Also added that the assistance that benefited more than 233 families included basic needs (flour, sugar, rice, tea, oil, dates), as these food baskets contributed to providing the necessary needs for needy families.

The delivery of food aid was accompanied by the distribution of dozens of gifts and toys for children, which drew joy and smile on their faces. The people of the villages of Qara region expressed their appreciation and thanks for the humanitarian and relief efforts provided by the Khalifa Humanitarian Foundation in order to alleviate their suffering and help them provide the basic requirements of life. They pointed out that the relief teams affiliated with the Foundation endured the hardships, hardships, and hardships of roads to reach their villages in order to provide aid and provide livelihoods. Decent for poor and needy families.

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