Dhs100,000 Fine For Sharing Residential Units in Abu Dhabi

The Department of Municipalities and Transport, issued the administrative decision No. 105 of 2020 regarding the executive regulations of the Law No. 8 of 2019 regarding tenancy of real estate and housing units in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The decision included 18 types of violations and administrative fines. Among them, a fine of Dhs100,000 for leasing real estate and residential units as a sharing housing, and Dhs200,000 in the event of repeating the violation within a year from the date of the first violation.

Leasing, occupying or using a real estate, residential, and popular housing units that have received notices for partial or whole demolishing attracts fines ranging Dhs5,000 to Dhs500,000 that will be multiplied from Dhs50,000 to Dhs1 million in case of repetition, the decision added.

House sharing by different families also attracts a fine of Dhs12,500 that will be doubled to Dhs25,000 in the event of repetition, in accordance with the decision.

The occupancy of real estate in a manner contrary to the customs and public morals of the country, or allowing housing of a family with bachelors or non-relatives attracts a fine of Dhs25,000 that will be doubled to Dhs50,000 in case of repetition, the decision stated.

The decision stipulated that it be published in the official gazette and put into effect 90 days after its publishing.

Reference Gulf Today