Expats Guide for Buying a Car in UAE

 It’s, of course, a big confusion after getting your driving license as there are so many options that will get you lost and keep you asking your self “where shall I go to buy a good car?”


 The UAE cars market is massive and all kind of cars are available. As a new expat you need a guide to show you the right way and not to get deceived by  scammers or frauds.

It is very easy once you choose a car to finalize the purchase. When it comes to the cars market in UAE, everything will be simplified. All bankers will be at your door step giving you all the options of flexible payments.


And even if you’re not going for the banks, you actually can get any car within your budget whether it’s high or limited.

 In this article, I will list you all the options to show you how easy you can get a proper car that suits you without getting deceived.

The options that you have to consider in searching for a car are as follows:

  1. Certified Cars Agencies.
  2. Certified Cars Dealers.
  3. Online searches.
  4. Garages.
  5. Personal users.

The above mentioned are the major channels you should keep in mind when searching for your best car. We will go one by one to illustrate more.


Certified Cars Agencies:

 It is the first option for whoever doesn’t want to take any risks and need to go smoothly for a service contract and suitable warranty, well maintained car.

 In agencies, you’ll get both new & certified pre-owned cars. The good thing is, all cars will come with a service history and everything about the maintenance will be listed in a catalog to facilitate the issue of understanding your car without getting any headaches or worries about any mechanical or electrical faults.

The only disadvantage in this choice, is that you’ll always pay more than outside. For a car of a certain model, you can find a car with the same conditions, but of course you will need to exert more efforts to search and check properly.

Certified Cars Dealers:

  An optimum option if you need to search for a used car with a warranty and proper maintenance history, could be the cars dealers located in:


  1. Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Motor World: Motor World
  2. Dubai: Al-aweer cars market – a very large car market of all kind of cars available with more than 130 showrooms. Al Aweer Auto Market1_16a0819f850.1304729_3613884588_16a0819f850_medium
  3. Sharjah: Alharaj Car Market, behind registration village. Alharaj Car Market

Going for a certified car dealer will not be a guarantee that your chosen car will not have any faults. You should check your car properly and do not give the 100% trust to the dealer. Take the car to a certified center and pay a little extra cash to check the car and get a complete report of all the major faults.

The good thing in this option is that you can negotiate whenever you find a space for it whether if you found a fault or a paint or any accidents.

 Online Search Engines:

 Basically, you will need to run a search for your desired car online before you take any step on the ground.

Well-known cars websites are saving your time to build a very strong background about the cars specs and prices to enable you to negotiate and check your car in confidence.

Also, you can find lots of cars dealers that are mentioned above, personal users and other garages selling their cars on those websites.


The online is a way to get familiar with all types but not the way you should use to finalize the purchase without proper and physical checking.


 Some garages with high skilled-labors are very smart to maintain a car and show it in a good way to attract buyers from different ages and classes.

This option could be recommended for people who are very familiar with car faults and able to check the car properly before they do the purchase.

The car could be an excellent bargain if it doesn’t have any major faults that could affect the operation afterwards.

 Personal Users:

 That could be your friend, your neighbor, your colleague or any one who needs to sell the car after a personal domestic usage.

When you go for this option, try to have a chat with the seller first to understand the major specs, faults and asking price before you go for car checking. Don’t you ever negotiate for the price before checking, as that will give a negative feedback to the seller that you’re not serious, however you can ask if the price is negotiable or not.


Knowing the seller’s profession or driving nature is the major point you should take care when you go for this option. It, of course, differs, if the car is driven by a sales executive who drives around 200 km per day, than to an office based employee who may not be driving more than 30 km per day. You will need to consider all of that as it will affect changing lots of your cars component and could cost you extra amount of money.

What really distinguishes the UAE is that the country has diversity of all over the world nationalities on the roads. You’ll meet all kind of motorists with their own different driving styles and cultures. The roads are well maintained in such away that you’ll not feel that much speed when you drive even on the 120 kph specially in Abu Dhabi!

maxresdefault (1)

Abu Dhabi was awarded many kind of awards for streets and road designs including but not limited to: the best program in street design manuals in 2013, safest city in the world for four times which represents how safe are the roads and how peacefully you can drive within the legal speeds.


Finally, as I always say it’s up to you as it is your money and it is your life. Your daily routine usage is a super important constraint that you should keep in mind.

Your budget is always the backbone that you could lean on.

And of course, don’t risk your safety. If you find a major fault in the car, fix it properly or do not buy it at all. The extra cash you’ll save could cost you your life!

Stay safe folks!


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