Mercedes Or BMW – Which one to buy in 2020?

 If you’re a big cars-fan and If you get excited when you see a German engine car drifting by a professional driver..then for sure this article is for you!!!

It’s about the big debate in between the big car beasts: Mercedes Benz and its traditional competitor..the BMW!!

Which car of them is better?

Which car of them do you prefer?

How can I judge whether this is better than that?

In this article I’m gonna list you all the major points and will leave the final judge for you.

The history of the debate had started when the BMW was founded in 1927..however the German motor company it self was founded for the first time in 1916 When it started manufacturing air crafts engines.

M8 Series 2020

But before all of that, let’s talk about the Mercedes Benz as it had the first appearance and it had given the first birth to the car’s world. That When the first stationary gasoline engine developed by Carl Benz as a one cylinder two-stroke unit which ran for the first time on New Year’s Eve 1879.the car was only 954 cc’s.

S Class Convertible 2020

In order to be a fair judge to finalize this debate and know which car is better, you have to drive both cars.

You should at least know the specs of each car, the maintenance costs and what do you need exactly in your car!

That’s why, I’m gonna help you in this article and sort out some points to use as a reference for you just in case you’re in the middle of confusion

No. 1: How to Compare?


Mercedes SL exclusive image
SL Class

If you’re gonna compare in between a BMW and a BENZ..then you have to compare two cars from the same series and style. As, it’s not fair at all to compare an M3 to a C200 or a SLK to a 316i. Choose the two suitable series in order to get a suitable judgment.

No.2: Performance

Let us say that, the Benz-cars were already manufactured to please the personal and domestic users, while the Bimmers engines were produced to fight! To be used in air crafts, then motorcycles then cars afterwards.

That’s why the BMW engines always seem stronger and mostly required in drifting and sport performances.

No.3: Maintenance

As I mentioned, that BMW engines are fighting ones, that’s why they need more maintenance. It’s, unfortunately, a fact that BMW cars require more maintenance than the Mercedes cars do.You should not miss with it at all! If the oil’s engine’s lamb is on, you have to run to the garage to change your oil! And not any oil, the BMW recommended oil only. The Mercedes may not be requiring all of that attention, as if you did your periodic maintenance on time. You will not suffer from any troubles!

No.4: Exterior Body Design

Exterior body design differs from a series to another. In my opinion, the big Benz series like in S class, look more luxury, fancy and stylish than the big ones in BMW, however the sport M series have the upper hands compared to the AMG ones.

No.5: Interior Design:

The interior credits such as The options, the finishing and the materials of the cock-pit will go to the Benz if we’re talking about the normal series. As from 2014, Mercedes already started to add new features to their interiors, such as the infinity screen which is in 2020 models! But in sport series (the M), the BMW will always win.

No.6: Which car suits me?

A point that will also go for the BMW’s sake, that the BMW has a car for each age-range and driving style more than the Mercedes ones do!

If you need a sport car, you choose from the M, if you need a compact sport car you can find the M2, if you need a family car: you go for the X series, if you need a small family car, you’ll find the X1. If you need a business luxury car to hire a chauffeur to drive it for you, then it’s the 7-series, specially the 7-series solitaire one. Even, if you’re concerned with the green energy & how future cars will look like, the i8 is there!

BMW 7 Series 2020

Just one series that could catch the lights in Mercedes, is the A250-AMG,,which can not be compared to the hatch-back ones in BMW!

 It’s always up to you when you choose the preferred car, but in case you’re confused, then study it well before you make your decision!!

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