PS5 guide: PlayStation 5 console and games UNVEILED!

Sony’s next-gen console is here 

The PS5 event has now happened and the Sony PlayStation 5 and loads of its games have been shown off. You can see the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition in the hardware reveal video below:

And for those who missed the big Sony PS5 event, the entire show can be watched in the livestream video catchup below:


  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming from InsomniacNew Gran Turismo 7 is launching on PS5. Zoom zoom!Ratchet & Clank are returning as well on PlayStation 5 in “Rift Apart”Project Athia looks incredible! Designed specifically for PS5A neat looking game called Stray has lots of robots! Coming 2021 on PS5.PS5’s DualSense controller looks stunning and feature packedWoah! Dead Space vibe or what?! Returnal looks brilliant.Sackboy: A Big Adventure is coming. Yes, he can never die!Kena: Bridge of Spirits looks colourful and visually impressiveOddworld: Soulstorm is coming to PS5Wowzers! Ghostwire Tokyo looks intense! Coming to PS5 in 2021.Godfall looks exciting if you like your action-adventures. Coming this winter.Solar Ash is coming in 2021 and looks like a cool adventure set in space.Yes! Hitman is back! Hitman III is coming to PS5 in January 2021.Yipee! Our wish was granted and there is more Astro Bot coming.More indie love is heading toward PS5 in the form of Little Devil Inside.NBA 2K21 looks like nothing but net! 3 points from downtown later this year.Ha ha ha! Bugsnax looks ludicrous. Very Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.Demon’s Souls remake on PS5. Yep, the rumours were true.Hotline Miami vibe? T2 shotgun reload? Yep, Deathloop looks SO MUCH FUN.Spooky or what? Village: Resident Evil looks creepy as. Coming to PS5 in 2021.Pragmata has the coolest astronaut you’ve ever seen as a hero.Horizon: Forbidden West is real! And it has war mammoths! PS5 exclusive.And we’ve seen the hardware! The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are real.

PS5 price: How much will the PS5 cost?

As expected, Sony showed off the massive PS5 form factor at it’s reveal event, but stayed silent on price. The company has been engaged in a high-profile game of chicken with Microsoft for months now, each one waiting for the other one to reveal its price first, neither budging so far. A recent retail leak pointing to a $599 sticker for a 2TB PS5 turned out to be false, but people are still spending their time guessing where this thing is going to fall. The low end is almost certainly $399, below which would constitute a truly shocking move from Sony. The high end is that $599 figure, an historically dangerous price but not totally outside the realm of possibility.

PS5 pre-orders: When can I buy a PS5?

Much like the price, there’s been no hint of a pre-order date for the PS5. And unlike the Xbox Series X, there’s not even a pre-order holding page for Sony’s next-generation console. The official PS5 website lets you sign up for email updates on the console, but there’s no mention of upcoming pre-orders just yet.

Sony is predicted to have less PS5 units ready to sell at launch than it did with the PS4. But the company still reckons it’ll have enough for PlayStation fans keen to get their hands on the PS5 as soon as possible. Still, fewer consoles may mean that Sony isn’t so keen on getting pre-orders ready this early. 

If we were to indulge in some speculation, we’d predict that PS5 pre-orders will take place in July at the earliest, and more likely around August and September. However, some opportunistic online retailers might have pre-order placeholders ready a little earlier to gauge appetite for the PS5 against the Xbox Series X. 

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