50% Traffic Fines Discount Extended

Abu Dhabi Police GHQ has announced extension of the 50 per cent cut in traffic fines by three months. The grace period will end on June 22.

The police earlier in December, 2019, announced a discount in the traffic fines that were recorded in the emirate before Dec.22, 2019, by 50 per cent with cancellation of car impoundment penalties and black points during the same period. The decision excludes the dangerous violations.

The Abu Dhabi Police emphasised their constant interest in encouraging members of society to adhere to the laws and regulations, alleviate their burden, and enable them to settle their legal status and reduce traffic violations.

The traffic fine payment service is available via bank credit cards through digital platforms such as the Abu Dhabi Police’s website and the smartphone application.The fines can be also paid in installments for a period of one year without interest by customers of the First Abu Dhabi Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Mashreq Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Emirates Islamic Bank.

The hassle-free service aims to make it easier for drivers and vehicle owners to pay their fines in instalments. This helps promote the happiness and positive values of the customers.
The Abu Dhabi Police are also working on agreements with other banks operating in the country to provide this service.

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