Best Smartwatches for 2020

Contemporary smartwatches are more than an extension of a smartphone; they’re a standalone wearable technology. As world-leading tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung have worked to meet the needs of niche markets such as fitness tracking, they’ve entered into an arms race. Each generation of smartwatch has had to outperform not only its own earlier iterations, but also the latest versions of its rivals.

This has created a thriving marketplace for smartwatch shoppers, not only for those in the market for a generalist watch such as the Apple 5 or the Samsung Galaxy, but also for more sport-specific watches such as the Mobvoi TicWatch or Fitbit Ionic.

The bad news, as with so many things in our consumerist economy, is that the number of options can lead to choice overload.

My goal with this article is to help you simplify your choices. Before you read any further, ask yourself why the smart watch is wanted. Counting laps at the pool? Reps at the gym? For the joy of having the latest piece of gear? Knowing why you want the smartwatch will help you look for the right features. Then, as you read this article, you can rank each watch by how well it meets your needs. The final selection can be made by cost, brand, additional features, etc.

For this article, I’ve begged and borrowed as many watches as I could in order to try them out to compare and contrast them. I’m confident that, after reading this, you will have the information you need to make the right choice for you. With Black Friday around the corner, there isn’t a better time of year to snag yourself a great piece of wearable tech.

For a quick glance at the top ten list, you can check out the table below. If you want to dig even deeper, check out the individual reviews below and the buyer’s guide at the end.

Product NameAutonomyOperating System
Apple Watch 524 to 36hrsWatchOS 6Check Price
Samsung Galaxy WatchUp to 4 daysTizen OSCheck Price
Fossil Gen 530hrsWear OSCheck Price
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 22 daysTizen OSCheck Price
Mobvoi TicWatch ProUp to 7 daysWear OSCheck Price
Mobvoi TicWatch E22 daysWear OSCheck Price
Apple Watch 424 to 48hrsWatch OS 5Check Price
Fitbit Versa 25 daysFitbit OSCheck Price
Fitbit Ionic48 to 72hrsFitbit OSCheck Price
Apple Watch 318hrsWatch OS 5Check Price

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