People have kept camels for more than 4,000 years and still depend on them for survival all over the world. Read on to learn some interesting facts about camels and discover what makes them such unique animals!

  1. There are two types of camels: One humped or “dromedary” camels and two humped Bactrian camels.
  2. Camels have three sets of eyelids and two rows of eyelashes to keep sand out of their eyes.
  3. Camels have thick lips which let them forage for thorny plants other animals can’t eat.
  4. Camels can completely shut their nostrils during sandstorms.
  5. Thanks to thick pads of skin on their chest and knees, camels can comfortably sit in very hot sand.
  6. Their humps let them store up to 80 pounds of fat which they can live off for weeks and even months!
  7. When a camel finally does find water, he can drink up to 40 gallons in one go.
  8. Camels are very strong and can carry up to 900 pounds for 25 miles a day.
  9. Camels can travel at up to 40 miles per hour – the same as a racehorse!
  10. Don’t make a camel angry – they can spit as a way to distract whatever they think is a threat
  11. Mother camels carry their calves up to 14 months before giving birth.
  12. Some calves are born completely white and turn brown as their adult coat comes in.
  13. There are over 160 words for camel in Arabic alone.
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