Explore Shuweihat Island

Shuweihat Island, a place for the texture appreciators and vast sea view chaser. The further west you go, the more islands exist across the coast. As Abu Dhabi is an island surrounded by many other islands, you are bound to find shallow waters of multiple gradients and the ability to walk meters out into the sea with the water reaching only your knees.

A great place for a beach getaway, odd sand structures and a tour of the Dhafra region west of Abu Dhabi.

Using the Abu Dhabi – Ghuweifat highway: averagely 3 hours of a drive from Abu Dhabi at 140km/h. Excluding stop overs, which there will be many of. Seriously, stop by Ras Al Dhabiya enclave to pray at the beautiful Sheikh Mubarak Bin Mohammed mosque and grab some VAT inclusive snacks at the nearby Baqala
(there is also a hidden ADNOC fuel pump at the tip that’s open from 8AM to 6PM)

Here are some pointers

  • expect a lot of trucks (especially during rush hour)
  • not enough petrol stations (as the spoiled residents of the UAE are used to, but it is getting there)
  • salt flats on the right and left of the highway (if you’re lucky)
  • keep an eye out for the Etihad Rail.
  • also expect a lot of speedy Saudi commuters on your way back.

Ruwais mall is one of the main and last stop overs before reaching Shuweihat island which contains a fully loaded Lulu and a bunch of restaurants. you can see signage leading to it after you bank left on to the Ruwais bypass road (which google maps would do anyways)


If you follow google maps, you’ll be scared to see you’re approaching a military base towards the end of your trip, but take the right turn on the side road running along the airport until you reach an equally as scary entrance with barriers prompting you to slow down.
Go off road on the right side of the fence (you’ll know which one by the skid-marks) and follow the path until you reach the island.

The views upon approaching the tip of the island. A lot of different reasoning to why the stones are darkened in comparison to the sand formations above, this is where sea meets the desert.

We found the terrain to be satisfyingly beautiful as you watch the sands move from in-land bound wind and the gushing waves. The island has this terrain circling it from the furthest point north till the main land.

Overall, a trip worth an entire weekend. One where you will need to pack enough to ensure comfort and survival in a place far from home.

A Story By EpicKLF