11 Fun Gender Predictors

When you’re pregnant, an ultrasound technician can usually determine your baby’s gender at the week 20 anatomy scan. (And you can find out earlier if you have an amnio or CVS.) But that takes all of the fun out of the nonscientific gender-guessing games and old wives’ tales. Here are 11 ways people swear they can tell.

1. Carrying low. It used to be that people said carrying “high” always meant a girl while carrying “low” meant you should be buying blue.

2. You look ‘ugly.’ Girls allegedly “steal your beauty,” so if you have a face full of pimples and puffy eyes, a tiny girl may be headed your way.

3. Your cravings. Boys supposedly make you crave salty snacks, while girls urge you to go for the sweet and chocolate. So, depending on what you can’t live without, you’ll know how to decorate the nursery.

4. Nausea. Morning sickness is more indicative of a girl than a boy. And there’s some science behind this one: Research suggests that women with very severe pregnancy nausea may be more likely to be carrying a girl.

5. Mood. A woman in a good mood is said to be carrying a boy while a cranky woman is believed to be having a girl.

6. Ring on a string. If you place a ring on a long piece of string and hold it over your belly and it sways side to side, the baby inside is a boy. If it circles, it’s a girl!

7. Linea negra. That black line that some women get can predict the baby’s gender. If it continues above your belly button, it’s boy town. If below, it’s the opposite.

8. Weight gain. Moms who are “all in the belly” are more likely to be having a boy. Moms who get chub everywhere are having sweet baby girls.

9. Your feet. If you have cold feet, you are almost definitely carrying a little Tom. If they are warm and toasty, a Sally is on her way.

10. Your breasts. If the breasts swell to different sizes and the right is bigger, a girl is on her way. If it’s the left, there’s a boy inside.

11. Your pee. Supposedly, bright urine indicates a girl while duller or clear indicates a boy. And here we thought it was just about hydration!

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