The UAE eServices

Exciting figures

The UAE has 3730 federal and local eServices on the portal. At the federal level, there are 270 fully transnational eServices and the remaining are partially transnational. The services are arranged in alphabetical order. Click on the alphabet with which the name of the service begins. You can search by entity or filter by emirate or segment.

How to activate yours!

Learn how to use government eServices through this guide.

In order to use some of these eServices, you must use the SmartPass. These eServices have a number of features including the ability to upload documents, save your request and submit at a later date and electronically signed documents and forms.

Below are the most used eServices for the year 2018:

Services topics are ordered on homepage based on the most used basis. Moreover, they are dynamic and personalized. They change based on the daily usage of services and reflects the user behavior/preference.

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