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You can access services through the TAMM website or through the TAMM application downloadable on iTunes and Google Play. You can also visit TAMM centres and branches throughout the emirate of Abu Dhabi. TAMM  is operated by Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions and Services Authority (ADSSSA).

Masdar City

The UAE is building several sustainable cities that conserve energy and harness renewable energy using technology and architectural designs. Read about Masdar.


Abu Dhabi introduced the Onwani (my address) system. Onwani is Abu Dhabi’s smart addressing system. Under this system, streets in Abu Dhabi city would be assigned a unique number that can be used to search their location and find their way to that street.

QR codes which embed details relating to the location would be assigned to streets in the emirate. People can scan the code and send it to anyone visiting them. This is helpful during emergencies.

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CityGuard is a free app from Abu Dhabi Government. Through this app, you can raise a complaint or an issue with the Abu Dhabi Government regarding its services. You can send a picture or a movie or audio clip relevant to the issue as an attachment. The app will register the case and forward it to the department concerned. The app is available for BlackBerry.

Free Wi-Fi in taxis

Free Wi-Fi is available to taxi passengers in Abu Dhabi.


Updated on 04 Sep 2019
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