Swiss Chocolatier Enthralls Abu Dhabi Audience

Mohammed Rasool Khoory & Sons, the main regional franchiser of Läderach – the leading luxury Swiss Chocolate brand, presented Elias Läderach at Läderach Café in Yas Mall.

This was how the jury at the 2018 World Chocolate Master competition in Paris described Elias Läderach’s work when he was declared the winner: “You are the Usain Bolt of Chocolate. You are super focused, you are super technical with extreme precision and dedication. Your attention to detail is second nature. Overall, amazing, clean, sharp with a perfect performance.”

The audience gathered at the Läderach Café in Yas Mall for a face-to-face session with Elias Läderach, witnessed the world-class pastry chef in action as he demonstrated live chocolate making session, and later offered the visitors to taste his divine chocolate creation.

Master collection Bonbon

During the Q&A session, Elias answered several queries from media, one of which included, “Are the chocolates found in UAE Läderach branches produced in UAE or in Switzerland?” To which his answer was, “Läderach puts a lot of emphasis on the freshness of our chocolates. We need the freshest ingredients such as cocoa butter, alpine milk which are unique to Switzerland, hence all our products are made in Switzerland and brought here.”

Läderach has steadily expanded its presence in UAE since its first branch opening in 2016. Currently, the Swiss Chocolatier has six branches which include 3 in Abu Dhabi City – a branch each in Yas Mall, WTC and Marina Mall, one branch in Al Ain at Al Ain Mall and two in Dubai at Dubai Mall and Mirdif City Center.

Elias also explained in great detail how to enjoy chocolates by applying our senses of look, touch, feel, smell and taste.

The question of whether Läderach could organize workshops on chocolate creativity for customers in UAE in the future was entertained by both Yousef Al Khoory, CEO of Mohammed Rasool Khoory & Sons Group and Mr. Elias Läderach.

While he said that he would look forward to conducting such events in the future, Mr. Al Khoori was quite optimistic about the possibility.

Mohammad Rasool Khoory Foodstuff has a long history of foodstuff business supplying large range of food items to government authorities and royal palaces.

Mr Laderach had won the top spot of the 2018 World Chocolate Masters with 552 points beating 19 other top chocolatier competitors representing many countries. The participants were asked to create on the theme of ‘Futropolis’ – challenging the participants to come up with creations that complimented the future of chocolate gastronomy and patisserie.

He also explained his winning creation ‘City of Tomorrow’ thus: “What you see is a 3D painting that depicts a sophisticated interplay between the movement of nature’s leaves and silence of the woman inside. This chocolate design really reflects my passion and love for chocolate.”

D3-CityOfTomorrow-Elias Laderach_Switzerland_5473_HG_bear
City of Tomorrow

The World Chocolate Master competition also dubbed the ‘Chocolate Olympics’ takes place every 3 years. Only 6 awards for the title of The World Chocolate Masters have been given so far.

A lot of technique, determination and passion is exhibited by the participants of the competition who are world-class chocolatiers and pastry chefs who showcase the best of chocolate creativity.

The event at Yas Mall Laderach Cafe was attended by HE Massimo Baggi, Ambassador of Switzerland to the UAE as well as Yousef Al Khoory, CEO of Mohammed Rasool Khoory & Sons Group.


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