School Transport Regulations and Guidebook

With the aim of upgrading school transport in Abu Dhabi to a World Class level, the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi has issued a guidebook for school transport regulations in 2013.

The guidebook clarifies the last regulations agreed upon, which include a number of new requirements for schools and operators to comply with, when transporting students to and from schools. In addition, the regulations identify the basic technical specifications, along with other comprehensive ones, that need to become available in school buses in Abu Dhabi according to the timeline specified. Hence, operators should comply with the basic technical specifications required in buses with immediate effect, on the condition that the comprehensive technical specifications are fully applied by the beginning of September 2014. Failing to comply with these new requirements, buses and operators will be subject to violations and fines.

The new regulations aim to:

  • Provide safe and comfortable transport means for students to and from schools
  • Provide the highest standards of safety and security in school buses in Abu Dhabi
  • Equip school buses with advanced technology applications
  • Reduce the percentage of students transporting to and from schools in private cars
  • Achieve sustainability in schools transport in Abu Dhabi

Moreover, DoT has also issued a “School Transport Guidebook” which is meant to help the concerned parties, from operators, schools and parents, understand the new requirements and work according to their respective responsibilities according to the regulation that identifies the following:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in the provision, operation and use of school transport in Abu Dhabi Emirate
  • New technical specifications of school buses
  • Procedures to obtain a permit to practice the profession of school transport and the serial number for each school bus

You can download a copy of the new regulations and the guidebook, in addition to the list of new technical specifications, basic and comprehensive, through the “Related Documents” section below. You can also view the following video for a visual illustration of these regulations.