Ali Muhammad Al Shamsi, Chairman of the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security, issued Resolution No. 74 of 2022 regarding the conditions and controls implementing Cabinet Resolution No. 65 of 2022 regarding the executive regulations of Federal Decree Law No. 29 of 2021 regarding the entry and residence of foreigners, which entered into force Implementation from October 3, 2022.

The decision includes all procedures related to the loss or damage of a foreigner’s passport or identity card, whether he is inside or outside the country, including allowing a foreigner who has lost a passport or identity card, or both, to enter the country, and to review the relevant public administration within 3 working days to complete the procedures after Submit a request to enter the country through the smart services platform and report the loss.

The decision specified the conditions for granting an entry visa for tourism, which are: that the guarantor or host be one of the establishments, companies or bodies working in tourism and registered in the approved establishment card system, and presenting the tourism program for those coming for tourism, and it also specified the conditions for entry visa for truck drivers from land entry ports or from State embassies abroad, and conditions for entry visas for workers aboard cruise ships and pleasure boats.

Border areas

The decision stipulated that foreigners be granted a visa to enter the neighboring border areas from the land entry points for a period of 90 days, allowing its holder to enter the country multiple times as long as the visa is valid and to stay each time for a period not exceeding 48 hours according to the following conditions: He must have a valid residence in The neighboring border area and that he resides in it, and that he is not in the category of workers or employees, with the exception of domestic workers if they are accompanied by the employer or members of his family, and in all cases the visa holder is not allowed to work in the country with or without pay.

The entry visa decision for those wanted stated that the Director General of Residence and Foreigners Affairs or his delegate may issue an entry visa for the wanted foreigner to the concerned authorities in the country, based on an official request submitted by that authority, and the Director General of Residence and Foreigners Affairs issues a “special entry permit” for the accompanying heads of States and ministers when they are on an official visit to the state.

Entry visas

The decision stipulates that the entry visa is valid for a period of 60 days from the date of issuance, and the entry visa authorizes its holder to stay in the country according to the type of visa, with the exception of the wanted visa, and all entry visas for visits allow the holder to enter for one time or multiple times, as determined by the issuing authority in In this regard, in all cases, the stay of a foreigner who has obtained a visit visa may not exceed 180 days. The decision stated that the extensions shall continue to work for nationals of countries exempted from prior visas, in accordance with what is contained in the agreements and memorandums of understanding in the country and the decisions of the Council of Ministers prior to the issuance of this decision.

The decision added new controls for issuing an entry visa to visit a friend or relative, in addition to the previous conditions announced previously, namely: It is required for the issuance of the visa that the foreigner coming to the country be a friend or relative of a citizen, regardless of the degree of kinship, and that the foreigner coming to the country be a relative of a foreigner residing in the country from First or second degree, and in this case it is required that the resident foreigner occupies one of the jobs within the first or second level, explaining the decision all the conditions related to the visa to explore business opportunities, and the requirements for granting a green residence to the foreign investor for a period of 5 years, or for a period of two years outside the scope of the green residence .

Humanitarian cases

The decision provided for the issuance of a residence permit for a period of one year, subject to renewal, provided that a guarantor or a host is available based on considerations of the applicant’s humanitarian situation, specifying 5 conditions for issuing a residence permit to a foreigner whose country suffers from wars, disasters or unrest, namely: That the foreigner holds the nationality of the country classified among the countries Wars, disasters, or disturbances, which are determined by a decision of the Authority’s chairman, and that the foreigner is inside the country, has the appropriate financial solvency, and has adequate housing. The residence may include the foreigner’s family members who are outside or inside the country.

As for the relatives of foreigners, the decision specified for the foreigner wishing to bring his relatives or his wife’s relatives several requirements for issuing a residence permit for the foreigner with a guarantee that he has a relationship with him in the country, namely: If the foreigner is a relative of a citizen in the country, the relationship must be proven, whatever its degree, and if the foreigner is A relative of a resident of the country or of his wife, the following degree of kinship must be met: the foreigner’s relatives “the father, the mother, the minor brothers” provided that the condition of maintenance is met, the relatives of the foreigner’s wife “the father of the wife and the mother of the wife” on the condition of the availability of support, and the wife’s minor children provided that the condition of custody is met.

And it is required that the foreigner wishing to bring in someone with whom he is related to a relative has adequate housing and a monthly income, as he is allowed to bring in 5 individuals if his monthly income is 10 thousand dirhams, and 6 individuals if his monthly income is 15 thousand dirhams, and the Director General of the Authority determines the suitability of the applicant in what More than 6 people.

Residence without work

The decision included the conditions and controls for recruiting foreigners to reside without work in the country, and they include financial solvency for the availability of the minimum income for the family for the husband or wife, or both together, so that if the monthly income is 3000 dirhams, housing is required from the employer, but if the salary is 4000 dirhams, it is not required. Provide housing.

To provide adequate housing, it is required that the number of people living in the rented or owned property be proportional to the absorptive capacity of the property, a certified lease contract or the submission of a title deed to the property, and if the parents, sons and husband of the citizen or citizen who hold foreign passports are to be brought in, the relationship of kinship must be proven in In the event of bringing the parents, and in the case of bringing the husband or wife, the marriage contract or the certificate of continuity of the marriage must be attested, as the case may be, and certified birth certificates in the case of bringing the children.

Excluded categories

The decision specified 3 categories that are excluded from considering the residency invalid if the period of the foreigner’s stay outside the country exceeds 180 days, and the residence permit continues to be valid until the end of its period, even if the period of the foreigner’s stay outside the country exceeds 180 days with regard to the following categories: holders of the golden residence permit and their family members, and those who have On the green residence permit and their family members, and the cases that the competent Director General of Residence and Foreigners Affairs deems to be excluded based on a request submitted for reasons he assesses, after collecting the prescribed fee.

The decision also specified 6 categories that are excluded from the requirement for the validity period of the travel document when a foreigner enters the country, provided that the validity in all cases is not less than a month when the foreigner enters the country. And an emergency entry visa, a transit visa, and a visa to enter the neighboring border areas.

The decision stipulates that there are 5 categories of foreigners who are allowed to stay in the country after residency is canceled or expired, for a period of 180 days, namely: holders of golden residency and green residency and their family members, the widow or divorcee of a foreigner residing in the state, students studying after the end of their studies, and parents And the children and spouse of the male or female citizen who hold foreign passports. And only two categories are allowed to stay in the country for a period of 90 days, which are skilled professions of the first, second and third levels, and real estate owners, and one category that is allowed to stay in the country for a period of 60 days is the residence permits issued with the presence of a guarantor or a host, and the rest of the categories are allowed to stay in the country for a period of 30 days Just.

Attached to the decision was a schedule of periods and extension powers for different entry visas according to each type, which included 15 types of visas. A list of jobs for the first, second and third professional levels, which includes 670 specific jobs according to content classification, was also attached, in addition to a list of professions approved for issuing a visa from the port for residents of the GCC countries. Cooperation for the Arab Gulf states.

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