If you’re reading this, you may be struggling with marketing your business online and gaining Instagram likes. If you’re new to Instagram, you may also find it challenging to grasp the ever-changing Instagram algorithms. Worry no more! You’ve taken the first step to learning about Instagram marketing. This article will explore 10 Instagram marketing tips and tricks that garner real-world results. Since its inception, Instagram has turned out to be one of the most prominent players in social networking apps. The platform boasts about 25 million registered business accounts, in addition to millions of personal accounts. It has steadily built a reputation as the primary and most significant networking arena for digital marketers and brand-building strategists to delve into!
So, are you ready for some powerful and useful pieces of Instagram marketing advice?

Switch to a Business Profile Today

Kick start your marketing campaign by going pro! There are several benefits to setting up a business profile. Modern-day users and target audiences associate greater credibility to business accounts. The reasons for this are simple. On a business profile, it’s easier and more convenient for followers to get in touch with business owners. Also, a business profile enables you to create and publish thought-provoking Instagram ads. You can also gain easy access to Instagram’s analytical tools and insights to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Use Instagram Insights


Data analysis and performance reports play a vital role in developing successful marketing strategies.  Use the vast range of data analysis tools on Instagram to enhance your brand’s personality. These are the insight features that Instagram offers its business profiles:

  • Reach:  This shows the total number of unique accounts that viewed your post or story.
  • Impressions: This is a measure of the total number of times a single user viewed a piece of content on your page.
  • Video Views: This helps analyze the effectiveness of video content by showing the total number of views a video has gotten.
  • Saves: This indicates the number of times a post was saved.

Jump on the Sponsored Ads Bandwagon

In recent years, the number of sponsored ads on social networking platforms has skyrocketed. Digital marketers understand and recognize the crucial role that ads play in generating powerful leads. The critical role of advertisements in increasing the outreach of your product or service should not be underestimated.
Depending on what metrics you use, the value that social media marketing has to offer is incomparable to other advertisement platforms. This is because people tend to spend more time using social media than they do watching television. Other forms of advertisement, such as newspaper ads or billboards, don’t have as big of a reach as social media does.

Engage Users with Instagram Stories

Instastories are a relatively new feature, introduced only a few years ago. Instagram stories have swiftly gained popularity among a vast audience. It’s a fascinating feature that allows you to post visual content that disappears within a set time frame of 24 hours. Featured alongside is an aesthetic array of filters, engagement polls, stickers, and more! Stories are a great way to engage with potential customers and increase your profile’s outreach.

Influencer Marketing

Enhance your online PR outreach by reaching out to and maintaining excellent relations with niche-specific bloggers. For instance, running a lifestyle brand will require you to get in touch with bloggers operating under the same niche. Luckily, numerous talent management agencies connect businesses to relevant influencers. These agencies help you curate targeted content and generate positive leads. Social media influencers have a large number of followers. These people have also gained credibility in their industries, and hence when they market a product, it attracts many potential customers.

Storytelling as a Content Marketing Strategy

The age-old art of storytelling is still relevant in the modern-day digital landscape. A story always helps to evoke strong emotions amongst target audiences. Content creation in the form of stories has proved to be a viable source of improved engagement rates. With this kind of content, your viewers will be entertained and informed at the same time.


Reposting refers to posting what others have already posted. Take beauty influencers like Huda Kattan, who gained popularity after re-sharing content created by other users. Once your platform has engaged with users, it’s easy to repost user-generated content. This saves you the hard work of drafting and creating content yourself!


Think up an official brand hashtag and use it to reflect and represent your brand’s personality. A catchy and relevant hashtag will resonate with audiences’ overtime. Some generic hashtags can also help users find content more easily. But, here are a few things to avoid while using the hashtag strategy are:

  • Don’t Spam: The Instagram algorithm checks and identifies spam and deletes posts with too many hashtags.
  • Avoid Generic Hashtags: Don’t use random words such as ‘good’ or ‘picture.’ Use hashtags that are relevant to a specific niche

Create Awe-Inspiring Content

Hire designers that can create intriguing graphic content for your business. Quality content attracts the most audiences. Safe to say, users, prefer eye-catching content to content that is monotonous and sales-driven. Provide good value and don’t push sales!

Integrate a Call-To-Action

A call-to-action is a direct method of telling users what to do.  It allows a business to generate positive leads by encouraging users to visit their website or download their content. There are numerous ways to integrate CTA’s in your marketing strategy. For example, use the phrase ‘link in bio’ in your captions to direct your viewers to your website.


Amplify your brand’s presence by using the strategies shared in this article. Explore and navigate through the options available and most of all, remain persistent and positive!

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